NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes



MBS microplates are fully compatible with 96-well and 384-well standards.

The frames have all properties, needed for integration in existing laboratory set-ups. Plates are available in 96-well and 384-well. All plates have the same frame, with a polypropylene foil with 96 or 384 wells. 96-well plates may be used with volumes from 5 – 20 or 2-5 microliter. 384-well plates can be used with volumes from 2 – 5 microliter. The MBS NEXTGENPCR machine takes 96-well plates and 384-well plates without any changes to the NEXTGENPCR-machine. All microplates have wells with a wall thickness of less than 50 microns.

The wells are sealed simultaneously, but individually, using a heat sealer and a proprietary anvil. Wells can be sealed with aluminium or polyester backed polypropylene foil. Both foils can be pierced with MBS pipettips.

For qPCR, wells can be sealed with our clear seal. MBS pipet tips will also pierce this clear seal.