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Bio1000F Blue Light Imager

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Bio-1000F is excellent for the detection of hydrolyzed Taqman probes or DNA stains excited between 460nm and 490nm and emitted over 520nm. Bio-1000F can image NextGenPCR plates for endpoint PCR or agarose gels

  • View amplicons directly in NextGenPCR microplates​
  • Detects amplicons from PCR starting with 1 copy/ul or DNA in agarose gels with 8pg/ul ​
  • Safer than UV imagers and works with EtBr alternatives
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Bio-1000F is excellent for the detection of DNA stain excited between 460nm and 490nm and emitted over 520nm. The highest sensitivity can reach to 0.008 ng / μl.​

It provides trans-illumination, imaging and gel extraction at one independent platform. Researchers and laboratory staffs can carry out gel-electrophoresis preview, image recording, or gel extraction without transition between trans-illuminator and gel-document system. You may find the links below for more product information.​

Briefly introduction of Bio-1000F with the following features:​

  1. Ultra-high sensitivity reaching 8 pg per microliter.​
  2. Compatibility tested with EtBr alternative stains, such as SYBR® Safe, GelRed®, GelGreen®, Diamond®, EZ-VISION® Blue Light, SafeView®, GreenView®, Midori Green Advanced, etc. ​
  3. Four Saves​
    • Save Time: Get it done in once, no need to repeat the experiment.​
    • Save Money: Decrease the stain loading volume to get even better image performance.​
    • Save Space: Tiny in size, delicate in looking.​
    • Save Life: No more toxicity from EtBr and harm from UV light.​

Bio-1000F’s performance is better than any EtBr or blue LED gel imagers in the market. ​

Gel Imager for EtBr-alternative stain with High Sensitivity​

Bio-1000F is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis. With the combination of high-sensitivity CCD system and Blue-LED illuminators, Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stain and provides the publication-quality image up to 0.008 ng/μl, significantly enhancing the fluorescent signal expression over other gel documentation systems dependent on UV and Blue-LED light sources.​

​Incorporating removable filter plate and intuitive MiBioFluo software interface, users can visualize banding pattern and conduct gel extraction directly on Bio-1000F for more convenient operation without movement between trans-illuminator and gel imager. The compact design especially enables Bio-1000F fit in crowded laboratory space.​

Bio-1000F features an integrated, environmental friendly, and ultra-sensitive gel imager for researchers, dedicating to improve the laboratory safety and gel electrophoresis process efficiency.



Catalog Number 10301
Voltage AC 100V-240V, 50-60 Hz
Light Source Blue LED (460-490nm)
Scanning Modes 8-bit/16-bit greyscale
Resolution 600 dpi
Scanning Area 7mm(w) X 5mm(h)​
7in(w) X 5in(h)
Size ##mm(w)X##mm(l)X##mm(h)​
Weight ##kg​
Compatible fluorescent dyes SYBR®, GelRed®, GelGreen®, Diamond®, EZ-VISION® Blue Light, SafeView®, GreenView®, Midori Green Advanced, and more
Connectivity USB 2.0
Drivers TWAIN
Supported File Types TIFF, JPEG
OS Support Windows XP/8/7
System Requirements CD-ROM drive (for installing software)​
300 MB HDD or above​
512 MB RAM or above​
Pentium IV PC or higher with USB 2.0 port​
Microsoft Windows XP/ 7 / 8
Contents Hi-Speed USB cable(USB 2.0)​
Power adaptor​
Software CD(s)​
User’s manual(s)​
Filter Plate
Software Included QuickDetect ® software​
Microtek ScanWizard Bio​
Microtek MiBio Fluo


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