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Future innovations

Future Innovations

The team at MBS is constantly working to bring new innovations to the market. As a continuation of our ultrafast NextGen thermocycling, MBS is currently developing a qPCR version of this machine. First results show incredible speed and very good sensitivity. We aim to introduce this revolutionary system in the second quarter of 2022.

At MBS everything is about ultrafast and very precise thermocycling. Not only are our thermocyclers faster than anything on the market, but also do they deliver unparalleled thermal control. This results in very precise PCR, as we have been able to see in NGS applications. The difference between sequences in a run is much less than fragments from conventional cyclers show. In this light, it will be no surprise that we are also developing a catalyst for PCR. Early results show that this catalyst will speed up reverse-transcription, annealing and extension. The first enzyme mixes, using this catalyst technology will be available later this year.

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