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NextGenPCR® Ultrafast thermal cycler with unparalleled speed and accuracy

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Ultrafast thermal cycler with unparalleled speed and accuracy

NextGenPCR® thermal cyclers enable ultrafast PCR, up to 30 runs per hour, with accurate temperature control. Therefore NextGenPCR® thermal cyclers use far less energy. NextGenPCR® ultrafast thermal cyclers accept 96-well plates as well as 384-well plates seamlessly.

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Based on our patented technology MBS has managed to build the fastest thermal cycler available worldwide. For some fragments our thermal cycler is even able to perform a full 3 temperature, 30 cycle PCR in as little as 2 minutes. The NextGenPCR® thermal cycler has three temperature zones. Each zone has two blocks. The two blocks move closer to each other to squeeze the microplate between them. All liquid in the PCR-wells immediately reaches the temperature of the blocks. The blocks don’t need to change temperature, therefore the process is ultrafast and no energy is wasted heating and cooling the blocks.

Wells have walls of less than 50 μm thin. By eliminating ramping times, the speed of the thermal cycler is greatly improved. 3 temperatures, 30 cycle PCR’s are possible in as little as 2 minutes (fragment length 80 basepairs). Longer fragments take slightly longer.

The NextGenPCR® thermal cycler has an intuitive GUI on the built-in screen. RT-PCR, step-down and touch-down are of course possible.

NextGenPCR® is compatible with NextGenPCR® polypropylene microplates



Catalog Number 10001
Voltage 80-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz
Power 800 W peak, 150 Watts average
Screen LCD
Size Width: 197 mm
Length: 440 mm
Height: 280 mm
Weight 17kg
Compatible plate types NextGenPCR® polypropylene microplates


  • Ultra Fast
  • Ultra Energy efficient (up to 160 x less energy per run)
  • High throughput (up to 30 runs per hour)
  • Use any assay
  • Made in Germany


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