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From sample to result using 27-minute RT-PCR for 96 samples at a time without prior RNA- extraction.

NextGen Sequencing

Ultra-fast high throughput library prep from hours to less than 25 minutes using Eztrieve NextGenPCR® Technology

Sanger Sequencing

NextGenPCR® can be used to amplify DNA fragments for further analysis using Sanger Sequencing, FAST!

introduced by MBSNextgenPCR®

Ultra fast PCR

By using their patented heat transfer technology MBS has been able to improve PCR speed several ten-fold. Together with other improvements, such as ease of use, footprint, energy consumption, the change is of such a scale, that MBS named it NextGenPCR®.

With ramp rates of over 1000°C per second a sample goes from denaturing to annealing in less tan 0.1 second. Total PCR time ranges from 2 to 10 minutes for 30 cycles over 3 temperatures.


  1. Ultra Fast: From hours to minutes
  2. High throughput
  3. Use any assay

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UltraFast Monkeypox virus variant surveillance

Using NextGenPCR™ library preparation for nanopore sequencing