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NextGenPCR® Semiautomatic Heat Sealer

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NextGenPCR Semi-Automatic Plate Sealer will seal the NextGenPCR microplates with either a optically-clear seal or a foil-backed seal. This machine ensures consistent sealing of NextGenPCR  microplates.

  • Consistent sealing across a plate
  • Compact size
  • Fast heating ensures the sealer is ready for you
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NextGenPCR® Semi-Automatic Plate Sealer is ideal for a laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of microplates. The NextGenPCR® sealer will accept a full range of plates and seals for PCR, assay, or storage applications. The settings for sealing are entered and displayed via a simple user-friendly interface.  The door closure, sealing and delivery are automated to ensure consistent sealing.

Sealing anvil, microplate, seal and seal cover (for optically-clear seals) are placed on the tray, the ”Start” button pressed and the drawer automatically closes slowly. The sealing process is controlled by a automated mechanism. This mechanism eliminates operator variation, giving consistent sealing that reduces the damage caused to NextGenPCR® microplates by over-sealing.



Catalog Number 10101 (110V) or 10102 (220V)
Voltage 110V or 220V
Power  W (max)
Sealing Temperature Range 80 – 200°C
Screen LCD
Size Width: 178mm
Length: 370mm
Height: 330mm
Weight 9.6kg
Compatible plate materials Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyethylene
Compatible plate types NextGenPCR microplates, standard assay plates, deep well storage plates, PCR plates
Compatible seal types Optical Clear or Foil-backed heat seals



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