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Imaging Anvil 96×20

NextGenPCR® Imaging anvils are special holders which are an aid for an easy-to-use pipetting into the NextGenPCR® plates, to seal the plates or scan the plates for consistent results.

  • Easy to use​
  • Standard SBS format ​
  • Variety of sizes for different application


NextgenPCR® Imaging anvil is used to read the fluorescence of each well. The Imaging anvils are designed for specific microplates (well size and number). 

MBS Microplates come in a variety of well sizes (5ul, 12.5ul, 20ul and 50ul) and well number (24, 48, 96, or 384). 



Catalog Number 20502
Size Standard SBS format
96-well plates 5 – 20 or 2-5 µl
Compatible plate materials Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyethylene
Compatible plate types NextGenPCR® microplates
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