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NextGenPCR® library prep for Next Generation Sequencing

Wouldn’t it be great to decrease PCR library time for Next Generation Sequencing from hours to minutes?

Fast NGS library preparation can be critical for different applications. Therefore Molecular Biology Systems offers multiple PCR library preparation solutions for different NGS technology. Thereby NextGenPCR® library prep can increase the throughput for some NGS application with more than 400%.

  • Faster NGS results when time is critical
  • Higher-throughput up to 400% per day
  • Robust and high-fidelity PCR fragments
  • Direct PCR, no extraction is needed

NGS platforms whereby PCR is required and NextGenPCR® can make a difference:

  • Oxford Nanopore Technology
  • Illumina Sequencing
  • PacBio
  • Other NGS Platforms

Please get in touch to discuss how Ultra-fast PCR can make the difference in your Next Generation Sequencing application!


NextGenPCR® can make a difference

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