NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes


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  • 1. Is the instrument available?
    we are accepting orders for instruments and consumables now, with first shipments due in April 2017

  • 2. Does NEXTGENPCR hold samples at 4 degrees after PCR?

    Overnight PCR is usually not necessary, as the instrument performs PCR reaction in well under 10 minutes. Overnight use can be enabled, by use of a robot and robotic access to a refrigerator. The instrument can then continuously work through the night.

  • 3. How much does it cost?

    For a detailed quotation please contact us by email. In general the instrument will reduce cost, because fewer instruments are needed for the same amount of work. At 170 Watts rating, the machine also does not necessitate airconditioning of the room. Consumables will not cost more than current standard consumables.