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1. Does NEXTGENPCR hold samples at 4 degrees after PCR?

Overnight PCR is usually not necessary, as the instrument performs PCR reaction in well under 10 minutes. Overnight use can be enabled, by use of a robot and robotic access to a refrigerator. The instrument can then continuously work through the night.

2. How much does it cost?

For pricing, please contact your local distributor here:

3. What mastermix/enzyme do I have to use?

PCR on the NEXTGENPCR machine do NOT require the use of specific enzymes or mastermixs. If you would like to know if your enzyme or mastermix has been tested please contact us at

4. Do I have to use special plates?

Yes, only NEXTGENPCR microplates should be used in the NEXTGENPCR machine. All microplates have wells with a wall thickness of less than 50 microns, in comparison to normal pcr tube with a thickness of approximately 300 microns. The temperatures inside each reaction change almost instantly due to the heat transfer across these thin-walled microplates.

5. Can I use strip tubes?

No, only MBS microplate can be used.

6. What reaction volume will fit in a well?

96-well plates may be used with volumes from 5 – 20 or 2-5 microliters.
48-well plates may be used with volume from 20-50 microliters.
24-well plates may be used with volumes from 20-50 microliters.
384-well plates may be used with volumes from 2-5 microliters.