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Sealing Anvil 96×5

NextGenPCR® anvils are special holders which are an aid for an easy-to-use pipetting into the NextGenPCR® plates, to seal the plates or scan the plates for consistent results.

  • Easy to use​
  • Standard SBS format ​
  • Variety of sizes for different application


The proprietary NextGenPCR® sealing anvil is designed for sealing the specific MBS microplates with a permanent seal. Two types of seals are available. The first seal has an aluminum backing. The second seal is transparent, and is ideal for applicaJons where color or fluorescent signal is measured



Catalog Number 20101
Size Standard SBS format
96-well plates 5 – 20 or 2-5 µl
Compatible plate materials Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyethylene
Compatible plate types NextGenPCR® microplates
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