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Ultrafast r16S PCR Nanopore Sequencing

NextGenPCR® 16S Full Gene Amplification

Sequencing of the 16S ribosomal DNA (16S rDNA) gene is a well-established method to identify ­bacterial species.

Ultrafast analysis of bacterial composition in a biological specimen

The NextGenPCR® 16S Full Gene Amplification Kit is a complete PCR assay solution intended for ­ultrafast analysis of bacterial composition. The kit includes all necessary materials (primer oligonucleotides, ready-to-use polymerase master mix and genomic bacterial DNA control) to amplify the full length 16S rDNA gene in ≤ 21 minutes total cycling time. The Amplification Kit enables users to perform a full PCR Nanopore sequencing analyses within a single working day.

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  • NextGenPCR™ 16S rDNA Full Gene Amplification Kit (RUO) 96RXN
    Cat. 50034


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