NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes


Equipment NGPCR

The MBS NGPCR system consists of consumables and equipment.

The system is built around a highly innovative thermocycler, using just 150 Watts. In the thermocycler 3 user adjustable temperature zones form the heart of the instrument. The consumables with ultra thin wall wells (less than 50 micrometers) are brought to a temperature zone (denaturing, annealing or extension), where the wells and their PCR mix reach the required temperature almost instantly.

The total time needed for 90 temperature changes is reduced to around 2 seconds. The rest of the time is used for the reactions to take place.

Apart from superior thermocycling technology, the system also has ease of use. 

  • A large touch screen with a very intuitive graphic user interface
  • Easy accessibility for loading
  • SILA-protocol for integration in automated laboratory systems
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for 96-well and 384-well plaes without modification
  • Low power consumption