NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes



New deals in China, Israel, Russia, Benelux, Spain, Czech Republic and UK reflect strong demand for ultra-fast new thermal cycler

Amsterdam, September 19, 2017: Dutch biotechnology company Molecular Biology Systems(MBS) continues to build its global sales network with the announcement today of new distributors for revolutionary NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler in China – PreMed Lab; Israel – Pronto Diagnostics; Czech Republic – YBUX; Albiogen – Russian Federation; Isogen – Benelux, Spain and CAMLAB – UK.

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Be first to see the production model NEXTGENPCR at ESHG 27th to 29th May 2017

A year on from our debut appearance in Barcelona, MBS will again be exhibiting at ESGG. This time visitors to Copenhagen, May 27-30, will be able to see the production version of our NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler. Interest is sure to be high, so if you would like at in-depth presentation please email us in advance to fix a time. Otherwise look forward to seeing you on Booth C3-580

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Rotterdam, Netherlands, Feb 1, 2017: Dutch biotechnology company Molecular Biology Systems(MBS) today unveiled the pre-production model of its revolutionary new NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler at the Festival of Genomics in London. Described as the first real advance in thermal cycling for 15 years, the NEXTGENPCR dramatically reduces current time consuming DNA amplification from hours to minutes. As an example, Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands recently reported having successfully amplified the complete BRCA1 gene (29 fragments) in less then 10 minutes using NEXTGENPCR.

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NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Dutch startup Molecular Biology Systems has developed a thermal cycler that boasts amplification times of less than 10 minutes for a standard oncology molecular diagnostic, and as little as two minutes for 30-cycle PCR assays. The firm announced this week that its platform, called NEXTGENPCR, has been adopted by Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands for BRCA1 testing.

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