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Ultra fast PCR Machine. The fastest worldwide

NextGenPCR® The fastest PCR thermal cycler worldwide.

Molecular Biology Systems is home to NextGenPCR®, an Ultra fast PCR thermal cycler delivering the world’s fastest PCR technology. Based on our patented technology Molecular Biology Systems has managed to build the fastest thermal cycler available worldwide. For some fragments our thermal cycler is even able to perform a full 3 temperature, 30 cycle PCR in as little as 2 minutes. Above all, NextGenPCR® ultrafast thermal cyclers accept 96-well plates as well as 384-well plates seamlessly.

Decrease your energy costs substantially with the ultra fast PCR thermal cycler

The ultra fast PCR thermal cycler is also a much greener solution, using plates that are 3.9 times lighter, which means using less polypropylene and up to 50 times less energy per PCR reaction. The latter means the lab uses less energy to cool the room. Taken together this leads to an energy efficiency that is well over 50 times better comparing to standard thermal cyclers.

Multiply your workflow with the ultra fast PCR thermal cycler

The extreme speed of NextGenPCR® ultra fast PRC thermal cyclers makes them very wanted in applications such as nanopore sequencing, (an example can be found here) detection of infectious diseases as SARS-CoV-2 (Publication), Illumina sequencing, and Sanger sequencing. The above includes PCR library prep, SARS-CoV-2 variant identification, and fluorescence probe-based screening.

Discover the fastest PCR Machine

When time is of the essence. Find out how NextGenPCR® can revolutionise your workflow. Discover your need for speed.

Ultra fast PCR Machine. The fastest worldwide

Ultra fast PCR thermal cycler

By using our patented heat transfer technology in our ultra fast PCR thermal cycler, we have been able to improve PCR speed several ten-fold. Together with other improvements, such as ease of use, footprint, energy consumption, the change is of such a scale, that we named it NextGenPCR®, the fastest PCR thermal cycler available worldwide!

With the ultra fast PCR machine by NextGenPCR®, ramp rates of over 1000°C per second a sample goes from denaturing to annealing in less tan 0.1 second. Total PCR time ranges from 2 to 10 minutes for 30 cycles over 3 temperatures.

Advantages of our Ultra fast PCR thermal cycler

  1. Ultra Fast: From hours to minutes
  2. High throughput
  3. Use any assay


From sample to result using 27-minute RT-PCR for 96 samples. No prior RNA- extraction needed.

NextGen Sequencing

The ultra fast PCR thermal cycler shortens a high throughput library prep from hours to minutes, using Eztrieve NextGenPCR® Technology

Sanger Sequencing

NextGenPCR® can be used to amplify DNA fragments for further analysis using Sanger Sequencing, FAST!

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