NextGenPCR® | From hours to minutes | High throughput | Any assay

Visit our booth X5-352 on june 11-14 at the ESHG in Vienna


Visit our booth X5-352 on june 11-14 at the ESHG in Vienna

With NextGenPCR® as the driver of genetic analyses in your laboratory you get:

  • A reduction in turn around times from hours to minutes that boasts ­massively increased throughput using fast thermal cycling technology.
  • A versatile thermal cycling instrument that can be used with any ­conventional PCR assay and is suitable for automated laboratory setups that make use of standardized SBS microplate formats.
  • An energy efficient machine that saves ≥ 80% power usage over ­competitor’s solutions and is environmentally aware due to minimized use of plastics in its consumables.

The NextGenPCR® innovation is based on three core principles that work in ­concert to greatly increase thermal cycling speeds during PCR:

  2. Ultra thin polypropylenE 
  3. Ultra-fast chemistries

Come to our demonstration of the NextGenPCR® at our booth x5-352 at the ESHG in Vienna


We will also demonstrate how to perform up to 4 times more Oxford Nanopore sequencing runs each and every day

Fast and reliable NGS library preparation can be critical for different ­applications where time to result is of high importance. Molecular Biology Systems now offers multiple PCR-based library preparation solutions for the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platform using ultrafast NextGenPCR® thermal cycling. The combined NextGenPCR® library prep ­workflow can increase laboratory data output by up to 400%.

Benefits of using NextGenPCR® technology for library preparation:

  • Faster NGS results when time is critical.
  • Suitable for multiplex amplicon library preparation.
  • Up to 400% more data per day.
  • Robust and high-fidelity PCR of short and long genomic templates.
  • Direct PCR, no nucleic acid extraction needed.


“Tomorrow’s technology, available today!”


For more information about the ESHG 2022, visit their website. 
Looking forward ­welcoming you in Vienna, Austria at our booth X5-352 on juni 11-14


25 May 2022