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MPXV Genome analysis for pandemic preparedness

National pandemic preparedness for the prevention of future pathogen outbreaks has become a pressing matter after the rise and decline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Michael Carr, senior clinical scientist at the National Virus Reference Laboratory in Dublin, has undertaken a nation-wide study to elucidate the entrance and spread of mpox virus (MPXV) in Ireland. 

The protocol he used exploited the custom designed NextGenPCR® MPXV Primer Pools (cat. #50025) for PCR tiling, allowing the user to amplify the complete 190 kb MPXV genome that can then be sequenced in full. The resulting amplicons were analyzed using next generation sequencing to accurately determine which MPXV strains are currently circulating in Ireland. With the data in hand the Carr laboratory was able to provide crucial information to decisionmakers in Ireland for the prevention of potential future mpox outbreaks.

Prof. Carr expressed his satisfaction with the NextGenPCR® MPXV product line, stating: “I honestly couldn’t recommend dealing with them (MBS) more highly. The great service enabled us to process a significant number of genomes from our cases and provide evidence for multiple introduction events of this new agent circulating in humans”.

Read more about his study here and refer to the NextGenPCR® MPXV product page for ordering information.

14 December 2023