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Dr. Robin Struijk (Director of Science, MBS) will present NextGenPCR at webinar

Our NextGenPCR system enables you to process far more samples while saving time, costs and energy. If a shorter PCR will benefit your research, we would like to invite you to our NextGenPCR webinar. Dr. Robin Struijk (Director of Science, Molecular Biology Systems) will present NextGenPCR and cover the specific details that makes it the fastest thermal cycler worldwide.

Register here!

After registration, we will send you the Microsoft Teams Meeting link. Besides, researchers from the field will go into detail on how to accelerate Microbial Diagnostics Research: “NextGenPCR machine, and rapid DNA and RNA extraction in microbiological diagnostics” by Bart van den Bosch, Radboud UMC. “Development of a Next Generation PCR assay for accelerated detection of Chlamydia trachomatis” by Dr. Anne Loonen, Fontys Applied Natural Sciences. “Sanger sequencing acceleration due to shorter PCR protocols” by Olga Burgos, Isogen Life Science, on behalf of the Pompeu Fabra Genomics Core Facility.

Feel free to have a look at the official flyer for more details.

robin struijk
17 October 2023