NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes



Molecular Biology Systems accelerates CDC-designed assay while alleviating consumable demand


Goes, Netherlands, March 31, 2020 — Dutch biotechnology company, Molecular Biology Systems, B.V. (MBS) has developed a method using its revolutionary NEXTGENPCR endpoint thermocycler and consumables that decreases PCR amplification time for SARS-CoV-2 to eight minutes. Combined with smaller reaction volumes, increased samples per run, and standard, affordable laboratory equipment, a qualitative protocol was generated that could readily detect SARS-CoV-2 control DNA, with equivalent sensitivity. A single unit, the size of a shoebox, could perform a hundred and eighty (180) amplification runs a day, an almost ten-fold increase over the current US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended instrumentation. Detection of amplified product can be done with widely-available blue light gel document systems.


“We sought to decrease what we identified as the longest step in the current testing scheme, amplification.” says MBS CEO and founder, Gert de Vos. “We started with the CDC assay because it is well characterized and has been readily available.”


Since the NEXTGENPCR accepts both 96 and 384-well reaction plates, MBS tested both versions to increase throughput. By utilizing 384-well plates, the machine successfully processed four times as many samples without a loss in performance. The 384-well reaction chambers only require twenty-five percent of the reaction volume which would lower the supply burden placed on laboratories following the current CDC protocol.


NEXTGENPCR machines launched about two years ago and are available globally. Gert de Vos stated “This protocol produces a simple yes/no answer — so a single machine, is capable of running 24/7, with 8-minute runs may provide a scalable screening solution analyzing 22,860 samples per day.”


MBS is now collaborating with testing laboratories in the USA and the Netherlands to transfer and validate the method.


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About Molecular Biology Systems

Molecular Biology Systems, B.V., founded in 2015, is a molecular biology solutions company based in Netherlands. Their NEXTGENPCR thermocycler uses patented heating and cooling technology to reduce PCR amplification cycles from hours to minutes. These technological advances are intended to support laboratorians across the life sciences market reduce costs and accelerate results.


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Molecular Biology Systems and Velocidy Bio sign distribution agreement.

NEXTGENPCR, the ultrafast PCR system, is now available in the United States and Canada.

Goes, Netherlands, Feb. 19, 2020

Molecular Biology Systems (MBS), the developer of NEXTGENPCR, is pleased to announce their newest distributor, Velocidy Bio. Velocidy Bio becomes the exclusive distributor of NEXTGENPCR instruments, accessories and consumables in the United States and Canada. NEXTGENPCR is an innovative thermal cycler that can reduce cycling programs to less than two minutes, by both eliminating ramp times as well as reducing dwell times.

“NEXTGENPCR is an innovative solution that accelerates nucleic acid amplification, so we identify special commercial partners that will support users as they adopt our system.” states Gert de Vos, Founder and CEO of Molecular Biology Systems. “We look forward to working with Velocidy Bio, an innovative distributor focused on improving the laboratory experience by accelerating protocols.”

The NEXTGENPCR’s design does not disrupt current laboratory workflows, instead it accelerates the cycling protocol. Therefore, the NEXTGENPCR system has been widely adopted across laboratory segments including public and private research and testing labs in academia, government, biotech and pharmaceutical. Since launching two years ago, MBS has increasing the rate of NEXTGENPCR placements.

The NEXTENPCR instrument, accessories, and consumables are now available in the United States and Canada for purchase through Velocidy Bio at For other countries, please see Molecular Biology Systems’ commercial partners at

About Molecular Biology Systems

Molecular Biology Systems B.V. is a Netherlands company that developed and commercialized NEXTGENPCR, a universal ultrafast PCR system. The NEXTENPCR instrument uses an innovative temperature control method during cycling, which eliminates ramp time. Molecular Biology Systems offers their NEXTGENPCR instrument, accessories and consumables around the world, to laboratories in life science research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, forensics, veterinary testing and food safety. Further information can be found at

About Velocidy Bio, Inc.

Velocidy Bio is focused on delivering solutions that decrease time-to-results for biological laboratories. Working together with innovative organizations, Velocidy Bio offers solutions globally that reduce protocols from hours to minutes. These accelerated protocols enable scientists to increase their productivity and reduce stress associated with delays in generating results.  Initially, Velocidy Bio is focused on reducing the time required to extract, amplify and analyze nucleic acids. Further information can be found at


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See 2 minute PCR at the ASHG

Molecular Biology Systems will be exhibiting at this year’s American Society of Human Genetics Conference from October 15-19, 2019 in Houston, USA. MBS is looking forward to meeting those attending. To learn more about NextGenPCR, stop by Booth 107 any time during the exhibit.

MBS introduces NextGenPCR. Using SBS-plate format a 100bp fragment can be amplified in 2 minutes (30 cycles, 3 temperatures). Longer fragments take slightly longer, but will still be amplified in minutes rather than hours. This versatile system lets you run 96-well plates and 384-well plates without changing blocks. Volumes range from 3 to 50 microliters. The technology has proven to work over a wide range of application.

For more information about American Society of Human Genetics Conference 2019, visit their website.

We hope to see you in Houston, USA!


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