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MBS adds Velocidy Bio as distributor for US and Canada

Molecular Biology Systems (MBS), the developer of NEXTGENPCR®, is pleased to announce their newest distributor, Velocidy Bio. Velocidy Bio becomes the exclusive distributor of NEXTGENPCR® instruments, accessories and consumables in the United States and Canada. NEXTGENPCR® is an innovative thermal cycler that can reduce cycling programs to less than two minutes, by both eliminating ramp times as well as reducing dwell times… Continue reading

19 February 2020

NextGenPCR at the ASHG

Molecular Biology Systems will be exhibiting at this year’s American Society of Human Genetics Conference from October 15-19, 2019 in Houston, USA. MBS is looking forward to meeting those attending. To learn more about NextGenPCR, stop by Booth 107 any time during the exhibit… Continue reading

18 September 2019

Employee research and development PCR

NEXTGENPCR, the next step in PCR-technology MBS develops, produces and sells hyper-fast equipment in the field of PCR and real-time PCR. Molecular Biology Systems BV (MBS) in Goes is looking for an colleague (HBO, university or PhD) for development work in the field of PCR. Employee research and development PCR The activities consist of a … Continue reading

28 March 2019

NextGenPCR at the AACC

Visit and explore Canon Biomedical, our distributor in the US and Canada, is exhibiting at the AACC in Chicago from July 31 until August 2. This will be a good opportunity to see NextGenPCR technology and discuss what it will be able to do for you!   Visit Canon Biomedical in booth 4139 &nbs… Continue reading

31 July 2018

Webinar on NextGenPCR

JULY Webinar on NextGenPCR by Gert de Vos (founder & CEO of MBS) still available for viewing Until now PCR instruments have relied on Peltier elements to heat and cool an aluminum or silver block, accommodating 96 or 384 polypropylene tubes, holding PCR-mixes. Using this technology PCR times, for 30 cycle, 3-temperature reactions, are usually … Continue reading

12 July 2018

MBS Inks Deal with Canon BioMedical for NEXTGENPCR distribution in US and Canada

Dutch biotechnology company Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) today announced it will launch its revolutionary NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler in the US and Canada through Canon BioMedical, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. focused on empowering the biomedical research and healthcare communities by developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative technologies and solutions… Continue reading

24 April 2018