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NextGenPCR® library prep for Oxford Nanopore

NextGenPCR® library prep for Oxford Nanopore

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce PCR library preparation time for Oxford Nanopore from 3.5 hours to under 30 minutes and increase the throughput per day by 400%?

Oxford Nanopore Technology enables companies and research laboratories to sequence large volumes of samples with at a low cost per sample. Most Oxford Nanopore workflows have a library preparation time of 5,5 hours with PCR taking around 3.5 hours. Using NextGenPCR® technology, PCR time can be reduced from 3.5 hours to less than 30 minutes. This allows labs to increase their data output by 400% per day.

Using NextGenPCR® technology for Oxford Nanopore PCR library prep

  • PCR library prep in minutes
  • High-throughput
  • Robust high fidelity PCR
  • Direct PCR, no extraction is needed*

* Using NextGenPCR® technology for some applications no DNA/RNA extraction is needed, this depends on the sample types.

Step 1: Pipetting & Sealing


Step 2: NextGenPCR®


Step 3: Sample retrieval


Step 4: Loading Oxford Nanopore


NextGenPCR® workflow for Oxford Nanopore

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