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NextGenPCR® Arctic Fox HF Chemistry 2x (100 rxn)

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NextGenPCR® Arctic Fox HF Chemistry 2x (100 rxn) Product Sheet

NextGenPCR® Arctic Fox HF Chemistry-2x is a ready-to-use mix for ultra-fast high fidelity PCR amplification. The mix contains a genetically modified DNA polymerase which is coupled with a hot start anti-body. PCR can be performed on DNA-extracted samples as well in combination with direct PCR. The PCR mix can withstand different PCR inhibitors commonly found in animal, plant and human samples. This makes it suitable for high-throughput routine PCR, and amplicon sequencing. This product is optimized for PCR Tilling applications.




  • 0.625 ml 2x Arctic Fox HF Chemistry
  • 1.0 ml Nuclease Free Water


  • Store the NextGenPCR™ Arctic Fox HF Chemistry-2x away from any source of contaminating DNA, especially amplified DNA products. When working with RNA and DNA, appropriate precautions should be taken to not introduce nucleases. Use aerosol-barrier pipet tips for pipetting.

Safety Information

Use appropriate laboratory safety practices and personal protective equipment when working with this reagent.



Catalog Number 50050
Storage Conditions Store NextGenPCR™ Arctic Fox HF Chemisty-2x at -20°C.
Store the Nuclease-free Water at -20°C or under ambient conditions.
Shipping Conditions Shipped frozen on dry ice.


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