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NextGenPCR® Ultrafast thermocycler with unparalleled speed and accuracy

Ultrafast thermocycler with unparalleled speed and accuracy

NextGenPCR® thermocyclers enable ultrafast PCR with more accurate temperature control. They use far less energy and plastics. They will handle both 96-well as 384-well plates, without adaptation.



NextGenPCR® thermocyclers have three temperature zones, each with two blocks. The two blocks can be pushed together, when the microplate is between the two blocks in a zone. All liquid in the PCR-wells will immediately assume the temperature of the blocks. The wall of the wells is less than 50 mu thick. Because the cycler only needs to keep blocks at constant temperature, it does not waste energy by heating and cooling aluminium blocks.

By eliminating ramping times, the speed is greatly improved. 3 temperature, 30 cycle PCR’s are possible in as little as 2 minutes (fragment length 80 basepairs). Longer fragments will take slightly longer.

The cycler has an intuitive GUI on the built-in screen. RT-PCR, step-down and touch-down are of course possible.



Catalog Number 10001
Voltage 80-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz
Power 800 W peak, 150 Watts average
Screen LCD
Size Width: 197 mm
Length: 440 mm
Height: 280 mm
Weight 17kg
Compatible plate types NextGenPCR® polypropylene microplates
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