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Clear Sealing Foils 5×50 sheets

NextGenPCR seals are tailored for all formats of NextGenPCR microplates. They will consistently seal these plates, using the NextGenPCR heatsealer (or other sealers) and the appropriate NextGenPCR sealing anvil.



NextGen seals come in two different kinds.

  1. A clear heatseal, enabling plate readers, scanners etc. to read fluorescence from these plates, using a NextGen scanning anvil. Clear seals are packed in bags of 50. On the bag the upside is clearly marked.
  2. A piercing heatseal. The seals are very easy to pierce and are part of our EzTrieve portfolio, offering EzTriev seals and EzTrieve plates. EzTrieve seals are on one side. This side goes up.


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