NEXTGENPCR: 30 cycli, 3 temperatures, less than 2 minutes



The NEXTGENPCR performs PCR within 2 minutes. Due to instant temperature changing between denaturation, annealing and extension, the only limitation of the speed is the polymeraze used.


Reducing the PCR time will result in higher sample throughput. Using optimised applications, more than 10 full plate experiments per hour become possible. In the ideal situation this would mean 80 384 well plates per days, resulting in more than 30000 datapoints per day.

Reduced number of instruments

Due to the higher throughput, laboratories can reduce their number of machines needed. This results in lower costs for purchase and maintenance.

Low energy consumption

One machine uses 150 Watts, rather than 500 Watts. The NEXTGENPCR machine is also up-to 30 times faster. This results in up-to 600 times less energy use per experiment.